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About Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants like this can cause problems for homeowners.

Carpenter ants are one of the most common pests and are seen in homes throughout the Northern United States, from east to west. They are typically large ants and can be up to 5/8" long with colors ranging from black, brown and black, red and black to light brown. The two most common species of carpenter ants in New Jersey are black in color. They typically nest in moist wood like rotting trees, tree roots, tree stumps, and other wood lying on or buried in the ground. When in the home, they are usually found in areas where there is wood decay caused by exposure to leaks or other moisture problems.

Carpenter ants can be very destructive to your home or office. Contrary to popular thought, carpenter ants do not eat wood. Instead they remove the wood from the roofing, walls and flooring of your home as they create galleries and tunnels. In the outdoors, they can be very beneficial in ridding the area of parasitic bugs like aphids and scales that feed on trees, shrubs and other plants. Indoors, they are a much different story and to rid your office or home of them requires someone experienced in ant control. Carpenter ant extermination will help you avoid the destructive effects these pests can cause.

Let A Humphreys help with carpenter ants extermination in your NJ home or office.

Ant Control and Carpenter Ants Extermination

Damage can occur without proper ant control.

Carpenter ant control can be somewhat difficult to handle on your own. They can do a lot of damage to the structure of your home and can do it quickly. If you see one, it usually means there are other carpenter ants. Extermination is the first course of action and must be followed by abatement of the problem that attracted them to the interior of your home. Our ant control specialists will conduct a thorough inspection of your home and office and will create a carpenter ant extermination program that will eliminate the problem.

Our carpenter ant program utilizes a baiting and monitoring system. Extermination services may also include treatment of your home's perimeter, under the siding, around the foundation, as well as the basement, garage and other rooms. Once the nest is located, we'll treat inside the wall or under the flooring to kill them at the source. All pesticide application is done according to strict label requirements to protect you and your family and your pets.

Schedule an inspection today to find out how we can help you with ant control.

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