Your home is one of the largest investments you will make in your life and it’s one that can be heavily affected if you find termite infestation. Wood destroying insects can cause major damage to wood structures and severely affect the value of your home for resale.

Carpenter Ants
Carpenter ants are one of the most common pests and are seen in homes throughout the Northern United States, from east to west. They are typically large ants and can be up to 5/8″ long with colors ranging from black, brown and black, red and black to light brown.

Bed Bugs
It’s not always easy to detect bedbugs, but an infestation can affect your comfort and your health. Bedbugs are parasites that are very good at hiding. They only come out for short periods, usually at night, to feed themselves on a meal of blood.

Cockroaches love to live in homes and commercial establishments where they can contaminate food, cause damage to wallpaper and books, and spread germs to you and your family. The problem with cockroaches is that they are extremely difficult to get rid of once they are in your home or business.

Stinging insects like Yellow Jackets, Wasps, and Hornets and other bees like Carpenter Bees are quite prevalent in New Jersey. Bees are among the most beneficial insects in our living environment.

Other Insects
Every year there seems to be an infestation problem with a different type of bug. In 2009, it was stink bugs. Next year it may be ants or wasps or some other type of insect pest. Insect control is as unique as the number of varying species of bugs and requires the knowledge of a bug control specialist like Humphrey’s.

Indigenous to New Jersey, you will find little and big brown bats. They are the only mammals in the animal kingdom that can fly and they inhabit trees, bat houses, and buildings (usually choosing a hot attic) where nursery colonies of hundreds and even thousands can form.

The most common bird problems in New Jersey are caused by pigeons. Pigeon waste not only looks horrible on benches, buildings and cars, but it may also cause erosion on certain surfaces.

When it comes to pest control, mice and rats are usually the rodents that come to mind. Effective rodent control is important to prevent rats and mice from spreading diseases, many of which are serious and life-threatening. Both large and small rodent species can spread diseases through their droppings.

Raccoons and Squirrels
At one time or another, maybe you’ve had a raccoon or squirrel that got into your garbage. While they can be a nuisance in your yard, when wildlife gets into your home or office, it is another concern altogether. Once they get into the attic, they can rip off insulation and become a safety and health concern.