About Roaches and Why They Require Professional Treatment

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Cockroaches love to live in homes and commercial establishments where they can contaminate food, cause damage to wallpaper and books, and spread germs to you and your family. The problem with cockroaches is that they are extremely difficult to get rid of once they are in your home or business. The biggest issue with cockroaches is their reputation for carrying diseases like dysentery, typhoid, and poliomyelitis. They can live just about anywhere. They truly are pests that require a roach exterminator experienced in baits, mechanical devices, physical exclusion and natural cockroach treatment.

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Types of Cockroaches

Natural cockroach treatments can solve your roach problem.

In New Jersey, cockroach removal centers on the following types of roaches:

  • German Cockroaches are most commonly found in homes and commercial establishments and are usually detected in kitchens, bathrooms or areas with daily access to water. They are small in size, tan in color and have two longitudinal black stripes on their pronotum – the shield-like plate that covers the head.
  • Male brown-banded Cockroaches are usually found in homes and commercial establishments such as office buildings. They like high locations (shelves, behind pictures, etc.). Tan in color, they have a yellowish stripe on their pronotum. Brown-banded cockroaches will fly when they are disturbed.
  • American Cockroaches are often referred to as “Palmetto Bugs” or “Water Bugs.” These are large cockroaches with a reddish-brown coloring and yellowish-tank markings on their pronotum. These roaches tend to move into the home when conditions outside become unfavorable (like extreme temperatures and excessive rain).

Cockroach Removal and Natural Cockroach Treatments

Our cockroach removal methods are safe and effective for getting rid of infestations.

Roach control is not a simple task. Cockroach removal should be handled by a professional. Treating with aerosols will only aggravate the problem as the roaches will move from one area to another. Instead, our technicians accomplish the task of cockroach removal by using baiting, mechanical devices like glue boards, physical exclusion and natural cockroach treatment. With natural cockroach treatment methods, like boric acid and diatomaceous earth, you can eradicate your home or office of cockroaches over a period of time. Cockroach removal can be accomplished, but you must act quickly if you see any roaches because they will reproduce rapidly.

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