Why Use Humphrey’s for Termite Control?

Closeup on termites going in and out of their tunnel

Your home is one of the largest investments you will make in your life and it’s one that can be heavily affected if you find termite infestation. Wood destroying insects can cause major damage to wood structures and severely affect the value of your home for resale. Our termite exterminators have been providing termite inspections and protecting homes with our termite control services for over 50 years. The professionals at Humphrey’s understand your concerns for effective termite treatment.

We’ll Provide a Thorough Termite Inspection


One of the biggest problems with subterranean termites is that it is very unusual to see them or the damage they do until it is too late. Conducting a termite inspection on your own may not reveal a problem that requires termite control. It has been proven that the annual cost of termite damage is substantially greater in the U.S. than the damage caused by all fires, hurricanes and tidal water damage combined. Don’t let termites eat you out of house and home. Our termite inspections are paramount in quickly identifying a problem so that termite treatment can begin as soon as possible.

Call us now and schedule a thorough termite inspection to find out if you need a visit from one of our termite exterminators.


We Offer Experienced Termite Technicians and The Most Effective Termite Treatment Methods

From the beginning, we have worked to develop and find improved new termite treatment methods that will better protect your home. Our mission is simple: To provide homeowners, like yourself, with the most effective treatment methods available and with the best warranty in the industry. Through our years as termite exterminators, we have found our termite control and termite treatment methods to be effective ways to control or eliminate termite colonies. Currently we offer two types of service plans for termite control. Our termite exterminators use conventional liquid treatment and baiting programs and our termite treatments are warrantied for one year.

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