When everything comes alive!! While April showers bring May flowers, tree blossoms and lush green lawns, it also brings a new generation of ants, spiders, crickets, centipedes and many other insects, all needing food, water and shelter.

A Humphrey’s entry point treatment will reduce the possibility of a wide variety of insects invading your residence. It will continue to protect your home throughout the spring season.


When you water your flowers and lawn due to the summer sun and heat, it attracts insects toward your home. When that water source has dissipated their next step is inside your home! A Humphrey’s summer service puts a protective barrier around your home to prevent unwanted house guests. Doors, windows, under siding and vents are favorite entry point areas that are treated.

Bees, wasps, and hornets become plentiful and look for places to penetrate your home and build nests. These dangerous and harmful insects will be treated to reduce the risk of painful stings.


The season of change. Lush green leaves turn to multicolored hues as they dry up and fall. Getting ready for the on coming winter becomes the order of the day for fall. Insects that had outside warmth and protection quickly move inside your home to nest and thrive. Mice and rats also must find lodging against the colder weather. Your home will be carefully inspected for potential rodent entry points. Rodent proofing will be recommended, if needed.


Winter brings snow and bitter cold, wind chill, and icy surfaces. Time to get out the sweaters, scarfs and earmuffs. Winter is also the time for discovering previously hidden insect infestations, such as silverfish and mice, which can do considerable damage in your home. Interior treatment of storage areas such as attics, closets, basements and garages are targeted in the winter to control potential infestation problems.